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Lijst van boeken waar ik tussen 1999 en 2016 een substantiële bijdrage aan heb geleverd of die door mij zijn geredigeerd.

Regarded as inferior in Western eyes, in sub/Saharan Africa copper proved to be a much coveted material which was applied in bodily adornments, in statuettes and as a means of exchange.

Brass became a highly valued metal almost rivalling gold in lustre as well as glitter± a typical West and Central African phenomenon.

From the many hundreds of items included in the collection acquired by Harry and Miep Schillings, this book introduces items chosen on the basis of their shape, rarity and decorative motifs.


New catalogue published by Bruce Frank:dayak-amulets-cover with an introductory essay by me. With over 120 amulets and charms published and all coming from established collectors and dealers it is the first serious effort to date and a contribution to our knowledge regarding these small charming statues. Most amulets hail from eastern Kalimantan and are fine examples of extraordinary postures in which several contact periods can be assigned.

Omslag - Mentawai art
Carpenter, Bruce & Frank Wiggers (ed.)(1999), Mentawai Art, Singapore: Archipelago Press, description of all catalogue items

Wentholt, Arnold (2002), ‘G.M. Versteeg (1876-1943)’ in Roodenburg, Linda (ed.) De bril van Anceaux. Volkenkundige fotografie vanaf 1860, Zwolle: Waanders, 96-105.

Wentholt, Arnold (ed.) (2003), In kaart gebracht met kapmes en kompas; met het Koninklijk Nederlands Aardrijkskundig Genootschap op expeditie tussen 1873 en 1960, Heerlen/Utrecht: ABP/KNAG.

Wentholt, Arnold (2014), Nusantara. Highlights from Museum Nusantara Delft, Leiden/Delft: C. Zwartenkot Art Books en Stichting Nusantara.

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